How it works

Small changes to build daily habits make a big difference. With Melon, you’ll have the support and tools to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your health goals.

Create habits, see change

Your health coach will help you set personal goals. You’ll soon be on your way to towards better health.

Make friends and support each other

You’ll meet others going through the same journey. Jump in the community anytime to be inspired and get encouragement.

Health coaching

One-on-one health coaching with your own personal coach to help you stay on track.

Live chat or video from anywhere

Connect with your coach via live chat, audio or video.

Easy health tracking

Melon reminds you every day to track your goals, so you can see results on a daily basis.

See your progress at a glance

Charts make it easy to understand the progress you’ve made. You can share your results with your doctor so they can provide better care.


Find trustworthy information about prediabetes, as well as useful tips from coaches and peers.

Community manager

Melon's friendly community manager is there to help you with any questions, and keeps everyone in the online community engaged.